About us

House of GB opened with a one ambition; To provide the highest quality services while maintaining exceptional individualised customer care and providing a range of experienced technicians to be able to provide quality but affordable services to all of our clients.

Our Beauty treatments include a number of services using the best quality of products.  Aesthetics, Beauty treatments such a eyelash extensions, brows, waxing, nails and more.  Laser therapies which include permanent hair removal, pigmentation correction, skin resurfacing and tattoo removal. To complement our Laser Treatments we also offer a range of Cosmetic treatments.

Based in Bolton our team are trained in the most up to date technologies, and are constantly challenging ourselves to advance our capabilities with the latest knowledge and treatments. Our commitment to our clients is only matched by our attention to detail — every client can expect to have each treatment with us be personal, friendly, informative, comfortable, and to the highest standard.  

Our treatments are flexible to our clients needs, looking to accommodate the modern working person and a variety of clients. For more information about our treatments, flexible evening sessions and any bespoke packages please contact us on info@houseofgb.net